The Amazing iPad Mini

Like most tech heads you have probably been waiting to experience of the all new iPad mini? This sleek new addition to the Apple range has been lovingly created in the image of the best selling iPad, but, as you might imagine, the mini adds something new. Of course, theres the size. If you are looking for a tablet that offers the amazing looks and functionality of the best selling iPad only in a much smaller form-factor, then the iPad mini is exactly what you are looking for. Its both stunning and sleek and it’s easy to see why this powerful new tablet is quickly destined to become a classic. Whats more, after you see the features of the iPad mini, its even more apparent why even people who already own an iPad are already jumping at the chance to buy one.

The biggest thing that makes the iPad mini stand out from the iPad is that it is well, mini. A smaller version of the popular iPad, the mini offers a 7.9 inch display, making it the perfect on the go tablet. The iPad Mini can easily fit into a purse, under a car seat, or in a backpack. This makes it the perfect solution for people who want an ‘on the go’ tablet but don’t want to have to carry around a large tablet with them all the time.

But of course, just because it is small doesn’t mean that you can’t use the iPad Mini to connect with people easily. After all, one of the things that made the iPad so popular was its ability to use FaceTime to allow people to talk to each other in a new way. The iPad Mini is no different, it also offers the popular FaceTime abilities. And the picture quality is still just as impressive as the original iPad. The camera is a stunning 5MP iSight camera and it delivers amazing 1080 p HD video recordings. Just because the screen is a little smaller doesn’t meant that the iPad Mini isn’t able to impress!

And of course, what iPad product would be complete without access to Apple’s famous app store? Just like with the iPad, you can choose from hundreds of thousands of apps to add to your iPad Mini. And just like with the iPad, each one of these apps will run seamlessly. Remember, just because the iPad Mini is small doesn’t mean that it can’t handle all of the work of the ‘big boy’ tablets.

Like its bigger cousin, the iPad, the new mini features a very respectable 10 hour battery life. This makes it the perfect on the go tablet. Whether you are trying to keep the kids occupied on a long car ride or you are browsing your apps while sitting on a beach, the iPad Mini offers enough power to handle whatever you throw at it.

Offering all of the power and beauty of the iPad coupled with the smaller size of a tablet, it is easy to see why the iPad Mini is quickly becoming a favorite for all Apple users. Whether you already own a tablet of your own or you are looking for something that is just as visually impressive and easy to use as the original iPad, the iPad Mini is most definitely the tablet for you.

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